It’s 2020, the Cold War is ancient history. Instead, the U.S. faces a new, even more dangerous nemesis, this time from the East.

In 2019, Dan Carazo plans to publish Duplicitous, the first novel in his three-book series. Driving this tale of espionage, military intelligence, and political intrigue is the inevitable geopolitical conflict between the West and an increasingly aggressive Eastern alliance led by a powerful China-Russia alliance–the Trans-Asian Pact, or TAP.

Duplicitous follows a deadly battle of wits that pits Gavrill Antonovich, an enigmatic Russian double-agent, against Rachel Meyers, a brilliant West Point-educated American military intelligence officer. Meyers is insightful and strong-willed–a natural leader. But time and again, throughout her military career as a senior Defense Intelligence Agency officer, Meyers finds her efforts to safeguard America’s secrets under attack, blunted or thwarted by a mysterious covert operative, a chameleon who simultaneously serves both the Russian GRU and China’s Ministry of State Security, known only by his code name, “Dunkirk.”

Meyers watches American political leaders waffle as the China-Russia union coerces a growing string of nations to join TAP. Eventually, Meyers comes to the conclusion that she would better serve her nation as a civilian policy maker, and retires from the Army as a Brigadier General in order to enter the political arena.

In the second novel–Rumors of War–Meyers is a former U.S. Army General and military intelligence expert turned politician. In her new role as a U.S. Senator from Texas, Meyers places great emphasis on diplomacy backed by a big stick. She looks to the likes of Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan for inspiration. Through the determination of this strong central female character, we experience the political tribalism that has hampered America’s ability to present a cohesive foreign policy while facing an ever-more threatening combined Chinese/Russian adversary.  Three years later, when Meyers is tapped as Secretary of State, the former general hopes her plan to reverse America’s waning global leadership isn’t too late. The West must act decisively if it hopes to blunt the growing global threat of the Trans-Asian Pact. By 2028, TAP has  grown to include two dozen nations as expansionism continues. The unification of China and Russia has driven an economic wedge between some former Western allies, while other nations feel the cold threat of TAP military action.

Rachel Meyers recognizes how political tribalism has alienated tens of millions of American voters, so she gathers support to create a new third party. The strategy is designed to bring together a winning coalition of moderates, centrists, and independents who want a firm and measured response from their government in answer to TAP’s threat. With the West under attack by an ever more aggressive TAP, Meyers offers voters a plan that propels her to the White House.

Prior to committing himself to fictional story-telling, Dan Carazo enjoyed careers in marketing, advertising and energy-related journalism, authoring over 300 articles, a book, and a blog.

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